Newsletter Feb 10, 2016

MOU on PDX Signed between Taiwan and Korea

After the electronic exchange of priority documents (PDX) between Taiwan and Japan is conducted, Taiwan signed and MOU on PDX program with Korea on June 15, 2015. The PDX program between Taiwan and Korea is activated on January 1, 2016, representing another great milestone in the internationalization of patent examination procedure of Taiwan. When an applicant files an invention patent or utility model application first to TIPO and then to KIPO with the priority right thereof to be claimed, the user only needs to “claim” to apply the electronic priority documents exchange program instead of submitting a paper version of the priority document to KIPO. As a result, the “claim” is able to be used for claiming the priority to the Taiwan application, and vice versa.

Through the PDX program, TIPO and KIPO are able to directly exchange the electronic priority documents, saving the procedure and cost of reproducing unnecessary paper works and simplifying international applying process. Furthermore, patent examiners are able to efficiently acquire electronic documents on-line, facilitating the examination procedure and accelerating the administration process.



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