Newsletter Feb 10, 2016

Patent Administrative Law Enforcement in China in 2015

Based on the announcement of SIPO representative, a total of 35,884 patent administrative law enforcement cases are handled by the IPR system in 2015, up by 46.4% from 2014, indicating a consecutive growth for 5 years in a row.

Accordingly, 14,607 patent disputes and 21,237 patent counterfeit cases are handled, wherein 14,202 cases are categorized as patent infringements. Obviously, national IPR system maintains a strong intension of enforcing the patent administration related law. It is worth noticing that, according to the representative, more and more difficult patent disputes are handled by the IPR system, indicating that the overall intellectual property right development has entered into a more and more prosperous environment.

The representative stated that the IPR system will keep dedicating to fight against patent infringement and counterfeit.



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