Newsletter Apr 10, 2016

Seven Measures Provided for In-Depth Service

For providing a more convenient trademark registration service and encouraging innovation, Trademark Office sets up seven service measures.

(1) Guidance of trademark registration applicant FAQs is arranged and published, which includes common and newly risen issues during trademark registration application procedure, so as to resolve frequently ask questions of trademark registration applicants.   

(2) A part of evidence for trademark registration process, including changing foreign name or address, using portraits of celebrity names to as trademark registration pictures, and trademark transference, no longer have to be notarized for alleviating the burden of trademark registration applicant and shortening the processing time period.      

(3) Detailed correction notification is provided to trademark registration applicant, which includes appropriate explanation or guidance content, such that the applicant is able to reply the notification more efficiently and accurately.   

(4) One set of evidence are applicable to multiple trademark oppositions. When a person raises several trademark oppositions and the evidence required to be submitted for each trademark opposition are identical, if he/she submits the evidence for one of the opposition, he/she does not need to submit the identical evidence for other oppositions, respectively. However, he/she shall recite the case number of the opposition of which the evidence has been submitted for.   

(5) Scope of joint examination of trademark oppositions is enlarged. Regarding the oppositions with the two parties being identical or the opposed trademark being identical or requiring the identical evident, the oppositions are allowed to be jointly examined.   

(6) Fast examination for post trademark registration business is provided. In case of any urgent situation or important reasons, applicant is allowed to submit written filing document and related evidence for applying trademark varying, transferring, and registration renewal acceleration.   

(7) User experience on China Trademark Office website is improved. Instantaneous content updating, website stability enhancement, and complete trademark status inquiring function are provided.



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